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Visual Index

Box Plots
Bubble Chart
Bullet Charts
Calendar View
Non-contiguous Cartogram
Chord Diagram
Force-Directed Graph
Circle Packing
Population Pyramid
Stacked Bars
Node-Link Tree
Voronoi Diagram
Hierarchical Edge Bundling
Voronoi Diagram
Symbol Map
Parallel Coordinates
Scatterplot Matrix
Zoomable Pack Layout
Hierarchical Bars
Epicyclical Gears
Collision Detection
Collapsible Force Layout
Force-Directed States
Azimuthal Projections
Collapsible Tree Layout
Zoomable Treemap
Zoomable Partition Layout
Zoomable Area Chart
Drag and Drop Collapsible Tree Layout
Rotating Cluster Layout
Sankey Diagram
Fisheye Distortion
Hive Plot
Co-occurrence Matrix
Motion Chart
Chord Diagram
Animated Béziers
Zoomable Sunburst
Collatz Graph
Parallel Sets
Word Cloud
Obama's Budget Proposal
Facebook IPO
Political Influence
Federal Budget
US Trade Deficit
Sequences sunburst
D3 Mobile Application
Radial Progress Component
Autocomplete Component
Koalas to the Max
Indented Tree
Rounded Rect
Euro Debt
Labeled Force Layout
Circle-Square Illusion
Voronoi Picking
Zoomable Map
Hacker News Popularity
Life Expectancy
Parallel Coordinates
NCAA Predictions
Wind History
Cubic Hamiltonian Graphs
Force-Directed Voronoi
Trulia Trends
Trulia Trends
Open Budget
Bederson Publications
Force Layout Editor
Open Knowledge Festival
Hierarchical Classification Tree
Gene Expression
d3 Analog Clock Dashboard
Concept network browser
Circular heat chart
Convert any page into bubbles
Directed Graph Editor
Animated wind chart
What makes us happy?
Simple SOM Animation
A mower demo
Map and context with brushing
Binary tree with transitions
D3 JezzBall
Gantt Chart
Day/Hour Heatmap
Sunburst and
Worldwide remittance flows
Language Network
Wimbledon 2013
Force directed tag/site explorer
Airline data from Fusion Tables
Geographical hexbins
xkcd-style Comic Narrative Charts
GitHub Visualizer
WorldBank Contract Awards
Site or blog concept browser
Global power structure
Choropleth on canvas
Google calendar like visualization
Interactive Sales Data Pie Chart
Wikistalker - Wikipedia Visualization
D3 Cesium - Health and Wealth of Nations
Kent + Sussex river levels mapped
CoreNLP Sentence Parse Tree
Publications in journals over time
Another state budget visualization with open api
Interactive Bible contradictions & bar charts [source]
Force Edge Bundling For Graphs
[Source & Docs]
Bullet Charts
Arc Axis
Bar chart with tooltips
Tokyo Wind Map
Dependency Wheel
60 years of french first names
Hip Replacement by State
Compare time series with irregular interval
Table with Embedded Line Chart
Dual-scale Bar Chart
Animated Pie and Line Chart
Multivariate Data Exploration with Scatterplots
Live Power Outages In Maine
Relative Size Of The Planets
AWS EC2 Price Comparison Chart
Epidemic Game UK Temperature Graphs
Data Heatmap with Sorting Functions
Node-Link Tree Showing Branches of Government
3D Force Layout
Choropleth word map
word of the day
The Movie Network
Bowls with Liquid
BiPartite Visualization
Graceful Tree Conjecture
Top Scorers in 2013/14 Champions League - Breakdown analysis
Sankey: How a Georgia bill becomes law
A game based on d3
Viroscope - virus taxonomy viewer
Twitter & Reddit topics during week one of MH-370's disappearance
Fund Visualization
Zoomable sunburst with updating data
US State Map
Simple Dashboard
Density and Quantile Graphs
Visualizing MBTA Data
Sum of First n Numbers
Animated Historical Weather Maps
Visualizing Walking with Smartphone Accelerometers
Cycloid Optical Illusion
Alternative Calendar View
US Choropleth Plus Bar Chart
Aster Plot
Smallest Convex Polygon
Sunburst for your skill map
Network of soccer passes
Choropleth with svg filter
Psychedelic British Isles
Stock Leaders Bubble Chart
Interactive Unit Circle (Trigonometry)
Days-Hours Heatmap
Trend Chart (Area + Line)
Create D3 Visualizations
Simple bar chart with lede & nut graf layout
Node Focusable Tree
Tarot Card App made with D3 + Meteor framework
Ulam Spiral
Animated Chord Diagram
SOM Hexagonal Heatmap
Dataviz tree
UK Temperature 1910-2014
Simple Bubble Chart
Collapsible 2-Way Tree Layout
Animated Pie
Exoplanets in Orbit
Worldcup'14 Drag & Drop Brackets
A Scatterplot as Bar chart
Conway's Game of Life
Editable tree mixing d3 & Angular
SFDC Training Videos
Editable Sankey with self-loops
England & Wales house price animation
Bi-directional Zoom and Drag D3 dependency tree
Interactive Force Directed Graph
Selectable / Zoomable / Centerable Force Directed Graph
F1 Timeline
Geocenter of F1 venues
Access Quandl aggregator
Religions in Romania on colorwheels
Sunburst bilevel partition with tooltips
Russian Budget: 1937 to 1950
Liquid Fill Gauge
Interactive Bubble Menu
Global center of higher education: university rankings
Linked Geographic and Tree Maps
Bi-directional Hierarchical Sankey
2 Interactive Colorwheels + Zoomable World Map
Radial Boxplot
Pazzla: Mosaics of Instagram Pictures
Pazzla: Mosaics of Instagram Pictures
Community Pop-Culture References Heatmap
Community Pop-Culture References Heatmap
Top baby names bump chart
Real time electric consumption in Spain
Electric consumption in Spain - latest 24h
Zoomable Unilevel Partition
Apps Script dependency analysis
Editable Tree
Automated Biography of a Nation
Star Wars Character Profiles
Global Refugee Flows - 2 Dynamic Chord Diagrams
Ontology Visualization

Vertical Sankey

Visualizing a genetic algorithm Create D3 Visualizations
Rectangular Area Chart
Gaussian curve from random variable
UK Economy as a Network
Contouring Comparison

Force Directed Graph with search and subset view

Basic Charts

Area Chart
Line Chart
Bivariate Area Chart
Multi-Series Line Chart
Stacked Area Chart
Bar Chart
Stacked Bar Chart
Normalized Stacked Bar Chart
Grouped Bar Chart
Donut Chart
Pie Chart
Donut Multiples
Bar Chart with Negative Values
Animated Donut Chart with Labels
Stacked Bar Charts on time scale
Bar Chart Multiples
d3pie - pie chart generator and lib
3D Donut
Gradient Pie
100% Stacked Bars
Interactive Scatterplot
Interactive Multi-Metric Bars
United States Map with Mapbox Tiles
Waterfall Chart
Diverging Stacked Bar Chart

Techniques, Interaction & Animation

General Update Pattern
Sortable Bar Chart
van Wijk Smooth Zooming
Progress Events
Margin Convention
Focus+Context via Brushing
Difference Chart
Pie Chart Update
Hexagonal Binning
Contour Plot
Build Your Own Graph
Modifying a Force Layout
Spline Interpolation
Dispatching Events
Better force layout selection
v45 web theme using SVG
Interactive force layout
EventDrops: Zoomable time series
Draggable scatterplot with motion trails
Horizontally grouped bar chart


US States
US States with Dropdown Selector
US States - Choropleth Bar
US States Map - Side by Side



The New York Times visualizations

Jerome Cukier La Nuit Blanche Percolation model Markov processes Cellular automata Game of life The Polya process * Schelling's segregation model

Jason Davies Antipodes Quadratic Koch Island Simplification Random Points on a Sphere Topology-Preserving Geometry Simplification Detecting Duplicates in O(1) Space and O(n) Time Factorisation Diagrams Bubbles Set Partitions El Patrón de los Números Primos Infinite Plasma Fractal Random Arboretum Crayola Colour Chronology Parallel Sets Rhodonea Curve Tag Cloud Combinatorial Necklaces and Bracelets Biham-Middleton-Levine Traffic Model 9-Patch Quilt Generator The Music of Graphs Planarity Mobile Patent Lawsuits Sunflower Phyllotaxis Girko's Circular Law Calkin–Wilf Tree Bloom Filters Carotid-Kundalini Fractal Explorer Coffee Flavour Wheel Number of unique rectangle-free 4-colourings for an nxm grid Animated Quasicrystals Collatz Graph: All Numbers Lead to One Hamming Quilt Hilbert Stocks Hilbert Curve Gaussian Primes Wave Latest Earthquakes Phylogenetic Tree of Life Voronoi Boids: Voroboids Animated Bézier Curves Animated Trigonometry Apollonian Gasket Monte Carlo simulation of bifurcations in the logistic map Sorting Visualisations Complete Graphs Leibniz Spiral Morley's trisector theorem Poincaré Disc Proof of Pythagoras’ Theorem From Random Polygon to Ellipse Tübingen * American Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq

Jim Vallandingham How to Make an Interactive Network Visualization Word Frequency Bubble Clouds Animated Bubble Chart of Gates Educational Donations Stowers Group Collaboration Network GSA-Leased Opportunity Dashboard Feltronifier We're In The Money: How Much Do The Movies We Love Make? Visualizing The Racial Divide Composition of Church Membership by State: 1890 Proportion of Foreign Born in Large Cities: 1900 License Usage Dashboard

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation US Health Map GBD Compare Mortality Visualization COD Visualization GBD Heatmap GBD Arrow Diagram GBD Uncertainty Visualization GBD Cause Patterns GBD 2010 healthy years lost vs life expectancy Life expectancy by county and sex (US) with country comparison Development assistance for health by health focus area Development assistance for health by channel of assistance

Peter Cook

Charts and Chart Components

Bar Chart


Line and Area Chart

Pie Chart

Scatterplot and Bubble chart

Parallel Coordinates, Parallel sets and Sankey

Sunburst and Partition layout

Force Layout


Misc Trees and Graphs

Chord Layout (Circular Network)


Misc Charts

Miscellaneous visualizations

Charts using the reusable API

Useful snippets



Online Editors


Store Apps



  • Insanity is an D3js based online game developed to train people's reaction time and awareness. Try it here:
  • Cure is an D3js based game that utilizes crowdsourcing to aid in selecting genes that are predictive of breast cancer recurrence. Try it here:

Wish List

  • arc diagram
  • gantt, other timelines and timing diagram
  • fibonacci scale
  • data table (maybe the airline table at the bottom of the crossfilter example?)
  • hypergraph